Metoprolol - Side Effects, Uses, Interactions, Dosage


What is metoprolol?

Metoprolol is a doctor prescribed medication. It comes as prompt discharge and broadened discharge oral tablets, and expanded discharge oral cases. It additionally arrives in an injectable structure that is just given by a medicinal services supplier.

Metoprolol oral tablets are accessible as the brand-name drugs Lopressor and Toprol XL. They're additionally accessible as nonexclusive medications. Nonexclusive medications as a rule cost not exactly the brand-name variants. At times, they may not be accessible in all qualities or structures as the brand-name drugs.

The two brand-name types of metoprolol (just as the distinctive nonexclusive structures) are various adaptations of the prescription. They're both metoprolol, yet they contain distinctive salt structures.

Metoprolol succinate is an all-encompassing discharge form of metoprolol, so it stays in your circulation system for a more extended time. Metoprolol tartrate is a prompt discharge rendition of metoprolol.


Metoprolol frequently includes in treatment plans for hypertension and angina, a kind of chest torment. The kind of metoprolol will decide its different employments.

For instance, metoprolol tartrate may help avoid a heart assault in individuals with coronary illness or the individuals who have just shown at least a bit of kindness assault. Nonetheless, metoprolol succinate won't help forestall heart assaults from happening.

Now and again, specialists may likewise recommend the medication as an approach to anticipate headaches.

Metoprolol Side Effects

Metoprolol oral tablet can cause certain reactions.

Progressively regular symptoms

The more typical symptoms that can happen with metoprolol include:





breathing issues, for example, brevity of breath, hack, and wheezing

bradycardia (pulse that is slower than ordinary)

reduced enthusiasm for sex


In the event that these impacts are mellow, they may leave inside a couple of days or two or three weeks. In the event that they're progressively extreme or don't leave, converse with your specialist or drug specialist.

Genuine reactions

Summon your specialist right in the event that you have genuine reactions. Call 911 if your side effects feel hazardous or in the event that you believe you're having a medicinal crisis. Genuine reactions and their indications can incorporate the accompanying:

Low circulatory strain (hypotension). Side effects can include:

  o severe tipsiness

  o lightheadedness

  o fainting

Cold hands and feet. Manifestations can incorporate

  o hands and feet that are cold and might be excruciating

Very moderate pulse (extreme bradycardia)

Extreme weariness. Side effects can include:

  o feeling more drained than expected

  o tiredness that deteriorates every day

Serious sorrow. Side effects can include:

  o continuous sentiments of pity or uneasiness

  o feelings of misery or uselessness

  o lack of enthusiasm for interests you once delighted in

  o eating to an extreme or excessively little

  o trouble concentrating


Inform your specialist regarding all your present prescriptions. Numerous medications can communicate with metoprolol, particularly:

any other heart or circulatory strain prescriptions;

epinephrine (Epi-Pen);

an energizer;

an ergot prescription - dihydroergotamine, ergonovine, ergotamine, methylergonovine; or

This rundown isn't finished and numerous different medications may interface with metoprolol. This incorporates remedy and over-the-counter medications, nutrients, and home grown items. Not all conceivable medication cooperations are recorded here.


The required measurements of each medication will vary from individual to individual as it will rely upon a couple of various components, including the condition that requires treatment. It is imperative to adhere to the dosing guidelines that the specialist gives. a

At times, specialists may recommend a low portion of the medication at first and after that expansion it steadily to locate the littlest viable portion that still calms manifestations.

As the Toprol-XL mark expresses, the individual should take the all-inclusive discharge metoprolol succinate tablet normally and consistently, when every day, and ideally with or soon after a dinner.

On the off chance that the individual misses a portion, they ought not take a twofold portion but rather should accept the following tablet as regular the next day.
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